Friday, 9 January 2015

Secret Stone Towers Of The Himalayas

The stone towers of the Himalayas are probably some of or if not my favorite structures made from stone. A definite "bucket list" destination for me. No one really knows as to who built them, when they were built or for what reason, but at one point there were thousands of them. There are still hundreds left, some still in pretty good shape and others crumbling away into history. An amateur archaeologist, Frederique Darragon made her way around visiting these towers taking samples of wood to use for carbon dating. Now we know that some of them are over 1200 years old and the youngest being 500 years old.. The towers are located in the 'tribal corridor' between central Tibet and China and what is known about that area at that time was that it was a 'lawless' time with a lot of raids into the villages. So one can assume that a use of the towers at some point would be for defensive purposes. All and all they are stunning to look at and Im excited for the day I get to stand in awe at the site one in person. If you have 40 minutes to watch a documentary on stone stuff, Frederique documented her travels to the different towers. Its pretty great.

Secret Towers of the Himalayas

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